About Me

The Journey Begins


Welcome Welcome Welcome! Thank you so much for joining me. My name is Marilee and you’ve done me the pleasure of visiting my blog The Local Vagrant. I’m quite new to blogging so please be patient, I’m learning.

A little about me.

I am 23 years old and currently live in Texas with my boyfriend and our cats, Bella and Cash. I am a huge fan of music, movies, and Mexican food. In college I majored in Business Administration as well as Communications. I am also a proud member of Chi Omega. Currently I work in retail but really want to start a career in marketing.

I didn’t include a picture of my boyfriend. He’s shy.

So Why The Local Vagrant?

I’ve always wanted to tell my story. That’s the simple answer.

I’ve always liked expressing myself in writing and in this day and age it only makes sense to write about your life online right? Personally, I think wandering around in your hometown or through travel is a great way to find a gem, whether it be a great bar, museum, restaurant or clothing store.  So I’ve started this blog to share the gems I find. I’m really excited to begin this journey with you all and hope you’ll continue to follow me as I go.

So What Can You Expect to Find?

I’ll be sharing my favorite restaurants, entertainment, styles and products with you all. I’m hoping my love of wandering inspires someone to do some wandering of their own. I think it’s important to recognize the small special places you can find through travel and most importantly your hometown.


Vagrant /noun/ va·grant/vāɡrənt/

a person without a settled home or regular work who wanders from place to place

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