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Like Most 20 Something Women I Love Clothes

Also like most 20 something women, I do not have enough time to go shopping. Working a 50 hour work week can be hard on a girl’s closet, but thankfully I have found an amazing solution.

Stitch Fix has been the God send I’ve been waiting for.

For those of you who love fashion and style, but don’t have the time or patience to go shopping, I would highly recommend Stitch Fix. Seriously, it’s been a lifesaver. Not only do I get my clothes delivered to me, a personal stylist picks them out for me! I get to try on all five items they send me, see which ones I like and send back what I don’t. It’s super simple, takes way less time than shopping. You can also decided how many shipments a month you want. So if you’re a fashion forward kind of gal, maybe a shipment once a week is what you’re after? Or for those of you like me who just want to occasionally add to their closet, perhaps one shipment a month would be enough. However often you choose to be styled, there is only a $20 styling fee that can be used toward any of the items you want to keep. AND if you keep all five items, you get 20% off!! Who can beat that??

Stitch Fix Also Helps Deter Any Common Mall Probs

For example, sometimes I have a hard time deciding what new trends I want to try. I often feel overwhelmed walking into a trendy store with racks on racks of cute clothes. I’m the girl who makes multiple trips to the dressing room. Thankfully, these stylist are on top of all major trends and can have access to your social media to see which trends they think you’d be best at rocking. So no more going home with clothes that looked great in the store, but not in your mirror at home or clothes that won’t go with anything else in your closet. You get to try them on at home!

Get Your Fix

So this is my 6th fix from my stylist and I have to say, it’s been the best so far! I actually ended up keeping all of the items that were picked out for me. Today, I’ll be sharing just one of the outfits I decided to keep. Stay tuned for more posts with the rest of my Stitch Fix items.

Kim Possible Outfit




             I’m calling this my Kim Possible Outfit

Not only is this outfit green pants and a black top, its also kick butt just like KP. This outfit makes be feel super confident like I could take on the world.  I can totally see myself wearing this for a date, concert, or just out with friends.  These awesome Level 99 Sybil Cargo Skinny Pants and Pixley Cata Lace Up Top will get a lot of mileage in my closet.

Level 99 Sybil Pants

So let’s talk about these KP pants. They are by Level 99, a store based in Los Angles, Ca who’s mission is to design the perfect women’s jeans. I’m not sure the perfect jeans have graced my body just yet, but these are pretty amazing. The material is not to heavy and fits tight through the legs.  When I tried finding these particular Sybil cargo pant online it was not on the website but they did have a very similar version here and here.

Stripe top

Paired with these KP cargo pants is this Pixley Lace Up Top. It has an off the shoulder fit and hugs closely to the body. I normally CANNOT wear off the shoulder tops but this particular top is cut a bit higher and rests a tad higher up. This particular top is no longer available on Pixley but they do have a ton of cute stuff. Fortunately, Revolve and Express have tops that are similar.

Also, if you’re a ballin’ on a smaller budget, check out these stores:

Forever 21 Top

Kendall and Kylie PacSun Top

Nordstrum Rack Pants

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