Norf Norf

April showers bring May flowers

We all know the saying. If you’re like me though, it may not register in your head that its March 27 which is basically April which basically means its time to break out the rain jacket, and I think I’ve found the perfect one.

This Northface Venture jacket is the best.


But first, funny story about how I came upon this jacket. In college I majored in Business Administration and Communications. My senior year I took a class called Salesmanship and we had to find a product and make a sales pitch for it. I couldn’t decide what product to choose until it started raining the next day.



It’s seriously the best rain jacket I could ask for. I could give you my whole sales pitch for it but I’ll spare you the time. Take my word for it, if you’re wanting or needing a new rain jacket for the spring time weather, trust Northface. This jacket comes in many different colors and is SUPER water resistant and wind resistant which is great for West Texas wind. So check out the link here and get one for yourself!

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