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William Woods Alumni Weekend 2018

I went to college at William Woods University. For those of you who might be unfamiliar, William Woods (aka. The Woods or WWU) is a small private university in Fulton, Missouri.  In fact, the campus was so small that we did not have a football team. I’m sure that’s an insane thought for some of you but William Woods is my college home. I chose to attend the university because of their MBA program WHICH is why I’m back in Missouri now to go get!

Yep, that’s right. Ya, girl is getting her MASTER’S DEGREE!!

I’m pretty stoked to be back in Missouri but graduation isn’t the only exciting thing happening. Every year, William Woods hosts an “Alumni Weekend” where they invite all its alums back to celebrate the school and reunite. Basically, its a high school reunion but every year and with better friends.

An event like this calls for some serious outfit considerations for any twenty something female. I was considering what outfits to wear for a solid three months. That seems excessive I know, and that’s because it is. But honestly I think all of the obsessing paid off. Check it out:

Night One

SO Missouri isn’t actually the Union’s warmest state in case you didn’t know. I was really wanting to wear some more springy stuff but the weather did NOT permit. It’s crazy how quickly you think 60 degrees is cold after living in Texas for a year.



So instead I opted for this look. My favorite piece from this outfit was definitely the striped top crop top. It was long sleeved so I was braced for the Missouri weather while still being lightweight. It fits pretty true to size. I’m a small and it fits me perfectly. No coverage worries either because theirs a little clasp in the front. I ended up paring this top with:

High Waisted Jeans by American Eagle

Tall Long Boots by Agaci


Day Wear

Obviously day wear is going to be a bit different than what to wear to events in the evening. I decided to go pretty casual this time around.

The highlight of this outfit was definitely the soho white sneaks from T.C. Ellis. These bad babies were comfortable to wear all day, white leather AND are on sale right now for only $16!! That’s a steal, they were definitely full price when I got them. I paired these sneakers with:

Target Style Green Tie Pants

My fav. bodysuit by Forever 21

Chambray top from Stitch Fix

Night Two

The second night of alumni weekend always seems like the big night. Most people come on Saturday if they are going to come at all.

I definitely wanted something that would stand out without being too off the wall. I got a lot of positive feedback from this bishop sleeve top. My favorite part is the little bow in the back! My friend Cassie ( on the right) had to tie it for me but she made it look super cute. Paired it with:

Black High Waisted Jeans

Leave ’em Wanting More booties by Agaci

Overall Alumni Weekend was a success. It was so great to be able to spend time with friends and reminisce on where our lives have gone in just a year! I’m so blessed to be able to have such a great college community to go back to.

I know it can be really overwhelming to try and prepare for an event like this. What’s most important with any kind of reunion event is reconnecting with friends you haven’t seen in a while. I hope this post has helped you out if you’ve got an event like this coming up in your life. No matter how intimidating it can be to see old college friends and keep answering that dreaded “what are you up to” question with good friends and planned outfits like these, you’ll have everything you need!

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