Twisted Crop Top

I do a lot of online shopping…

Probably too much if I’m being completely honest. I just can’t help myself! So when I stumbled upon this cute little twisted crop top I just had to share it with you all.

Twisted Crop Top

I’m not even normally a crop top kind of gal. But I love this one because it really isn’t too much midriff but you still get the great style of a crop. Plus the little twist in the front makes it fit a bit more snug.


For those of you worried about fit, don’t. I might not look like it but I wear a 32D and this top is a small. I can’t brag about this top enough, its everything I could as of a crop top. But Marlee, you might be asking, how much does an amazing crop top like this cost? Have no fear my frugal minded friend, it’s only $8! It’s a price so nice, I might just buy it twice. SO snag yours today! Happy Sunday babes!

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