Budget Friendly Wine Guide

Happy National Wine Day!!


Ya girl is pretty stoked for the occasion. Sadly, I’m not truly able to participate in the festivities for personal reasons. But don’t worry loves, I’ve compiled a list of the best budget friendly wines I know. Any of these wines can are available at your local Walmart, Sam’s Club, World Market or Eskimo Hut.


Sweet Reds

I’m just now slowly coming on to red wines and to be totally honest it’s been a long road. Typically in the past I would pick a white over red any day but, in the spirit of growing up I’ve broadened my horizons to red wine. My first pick is Roscato’s sweet red. This wine is available at Sam’s club and several other retailers, like Target

Roscato is the first sweet red we tried from Sam’s. Roscato is made in Italy, in the region of Pavia and Trentino and in 2011. This is truly a sweet wine. Typically when I drink wine I’m not too concerned with what meal I’m eating with it. But in the spirit of growing up, I’ve done a bit of research on wine parings. From what I can gather from the great world wide web, sweet reds pair well will meats, foods with bold flavors, and spicy foods.


Semi Sweet Red

This Stella Rosa semi sweet is my top pick for this year’s wine day. Stella Rosa came to be in 1917 with the Riboli family founded the San Antonio Winery in Los Angles, CA. The family created a new semi sweet, semi sparkling wine style.

I ventured a bit out of my comfort zone when I first tried this. I’m not really much of a dry wine fan, so naturally I’m a bit hesitant to a semi sweet. Even though this is a semi sweet wine, its more sweet than dry. I was really happy I decided to give this wine a try and would definitly try it again. Recommended food pairings for this wine are cheeses with bold flavors, spicy primavera sauce, or sweets like cheesecakes and berries.

Sweet White

I picked up this sweet little guy from Walmart, but you can also get it at stores like World Market.    Jam Jar is commited to making the best sweet wine for their customers. Honestly, it shows. 

I really enjoyed this wine. It was really refreshing and best served cold. This wine is very light and goes with foods on the lighter side as well. This white wine is recommended with great with foods like Asian cuisine, white pizza and grilled chicken.


I hope you find my pick for wines this wine day to be as awesome as I do. If so, or if not, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

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