Lubbock Farmers Market 2018

Check out this video I made of my trip with my roommate to the Lubbock Farmer’s Market!

I’ve always had an interest in making videos so this is just a simple, fun way to ease myself into it. I have limited experience with video production but I love taking on a challenge and hope to get better as I continue this blogging journey. So for now, just think of this video as a long snapchat from your friend. Once I get better, maybe I’ll start a Youtube channel lol.

In this video you’ll hear about some of our favorite vendors at the farmers market this year. We talk specifically about Body Bakery, where we got vegan and cruelty free sugar scrub, and Treatsies Bakery where we got some delicious fudge.


Dressing for the Farmers Market


This wouldn’t beĀ  a fashion blog without talking about what each of us wore to the farmer’s market. We each kept it pretty simple with just tops and shorts. Amy wore a more graphic tee crop like the ones here and here. I’m wearing this one from Lulu’s (that’s actually part of a two piece set) but I’ve linked similar ones here and here!

As for shorts Amy kept it pretty simple with a pair of light wash shorts. I’ve linked some great ones here and a less expensive option here. I paired my crop top with high waisted shorts from American Eagle and I’ve also linked some great ones from Lulu’s.


Shop Local

I love going to the farmers market each year because I feel like I can really give back to the community and local farmers. Farmer’s don’t always get the credit they deserve and I think its really important to support them. Without them what would we have to eat? So being able to buy produce directly from them is such a special thing that I really wanted to share with you all. I hope this little video has inspired you to seek out your local farmers market for better produce and to support your local farmers.

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