Palm Print Pieces

Palm print is such a cute look for this summer! I love including this print for vacation styles or fun outdoor activities. There area ton of styles with palm print this summer so I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!

1. Swimsuits

Who doesn’t love a fun swim suit for a fun vacation? Palm print is a great addition to your suit collection because of the fun and bright colors.

I’ve linked this one piece because it has sooo many great things going for it. It’s a great color and obviously I love the print. Plus this off the shoulder look gives it a bit more uniqueness and is totally on trend for this summer. You can shop it here.

I’ve also linked this two piece bikini because it so simple. The patter on the bottom adds a cute little touch to the outfit. This would be a really great suit for tanning because you are going to be showing quite a bit of skin. This bikini is on sale right now for only $10! and you can shop it here. 

2. Tops

Adding a palm print top to your wardrobe is always a great idea. There’s nothing wrong with being a little with your vacation style. Plus there are tones of great styles of shirts for any body type or occasion. Let’s dive in!

This little cami is so cute and would be great with any wrap skirt or high waisted shorts. I linked this one because it isn’t too out there for those who want to ease their way into this trend. And it’s on sale for only $5 so how can you go wrong? You can shop it here.


When I found this wrap printed tie bodysuit I fell in love, but how could you not? It’s so unique and screams of vacation life. You could wear it with any pair of shorts and be set for a whole day at the beach or being outside. It’s only $17 and you can shop it here. 


I’ve linked this last top because I thought it was really unique. The palm print is not the only interesting part of this blouse. What really caught my eye was the little detail on the shoulder. I thought it was so cute and delicate and I haven’t seen a single shoulder detail like that before on a top. It’s only $12 and you can shop it here!

3. Dresses

I of course love an all over print. I personally have been wearing a lot of dresses and rompers this summer because they are so easy to just throw on. My favorite palm printed ones are as follows…


This first dress is so sweet and fun. I could totally imagine wearing it to dinner while on vacation or a night out in the summer. The simple shape of it leaves a lot of options do dress it up with different accessories. Short girl tip: since this dress is a bit longer, try wearing it with wedges or shoes that give you a bit of height to make you look taller. Shop this cute little number here. 


I also linked this little number because I love the off the shoulder look. It’s super popular this summer and why not combine two awesome things like palm print and off the shoulder? Shop it here!


And last but not least, this set. No it’s not a dress but I still wanted to share it with you all. I love this set because it is so lightweight and easy to wear. I’d take it on any summer vacation. You can get your set here!

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