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I’ve recently become obsessed with face masks.

I have seen so many around I can’t help but try them out and compare. Because I see them so often and am a self proclaimed “mask-coholic” I’m sharing some of my recent mask trys with you all. I’m debating on weather making this a series or not. If you really like this post and would love a series, let me know in the comments! Okay, let’s get started.

The Skimm

I’m skimming these mask reviews for you in honor of one of my favorite news outlets. Every morning I get The Skimm email that fills me in on recent news, but they write it in a way that’s super easy to understand AND gives you all the details you need to know. They are turning 6 this week and want to celebrate. If you want to get The Skimm yourself, you can sign up here.


Burt’s Bee’s Purifying Mask


The first mask that I tried was from Burt’s Bees. I had no idea they made more than just like chapstick but so when I saw their face mask I was pretty stoked. Turns out they have quite a few beauty and makeup products. I tried this mask because I was interested in the purifying qualities. It was a bit hard to keep on at first but felt very cooling. This mask is only to be kept on for 2 minutes. Basically this mask did what it described and made my skin feel super clean and mostly moisturized. Oh, and my skin was really radiant after taking this mask. You can pick up this mask at Ulta and you can also get it at Target or online. If I were to rate this mask, I’d give it a 8/10!


Freeman Clay Mask

The next mask I tried is Freeman’s sweet tea and lemon clay mask. I picked this mask up initially because I haven’t seen a sweet tea mask before and it was really inexpensive. I’ve tried Freeman masks before and had a great experience so I was happy to try one again. This is a peel off mask which makes it a bit more interesting. This mask felt soooooo smooth and refreshing on my skin. In my notes when preparing for this post I literally wrote “it felt amazing to put on”. It has a bit of a longer wait time than Burt’s, 10-15 minutes as opposed to 2. The mask tightens a bit when it dries on your face and feels like a balloon when you peel it off. Be sure not to get it in your hair though because ouch. This is a clearing mask and it did exactly what I imagined. My skin was so even, all the dead skin was lifted away and my skin was really bright and fresh after using it. I’ve linked this mask here, and you can also grab it at Ulta or Bed Bath and Beyond. I give this mask a 10/10!


Unicorn Hologram Glow Mask

Yes you read that correctly, UNICORN HOLOGRAM mask. Just from the name I knew I had to try this one. What I found out was there is a LOT of liquid in this mask and makes you feel like Mad Villain. Its all very shiny and slippery. I didn’t necessarily make me feel like a holographic unicorn but it did provide a lot of moisture and serum.  It’s very cooling once it settles on your face and its a 15-20 minute wait time. You can pick this one up at Walmart and I’ve also linked it here. I would rate it 5/10.


MasqueOlogy Color Shine

When I first picked up this mask I thought it was like a 3 part system but it is NOT. It very clearly says so on the package, I just can’t read. Anyhow, I’ll go over each part of this mask that I got to try. The gold mask (which is supposed to help wrinkles) I didn’t get to try because it opened in my purse. But I picked it up at Walmart if you’d like to try it yourself.

The silver and purple mask in this package were very similar though. The purple mask is for hydration. I tried this one first because my face was feeling really dry. I was expecting it to be really slippery since it was a hydrating mask but it was actually pretty thick, like a syrup. The wait time for this mask is 20-30 minutes so don’t have any immediate plans before putting it on. It wasn’t quite as hydrating as I imagined but it was a bit helpful. This would be a really great one to add in addition to your hydrating routine, but I wouldn’t trust this mask alone for all your hydration. I would rate this make a 6/10!


The silver mask was for dullness. The most surprising thing about it was it was actually silver. It’s pretty cool wearing a silver mask like a robot for 20-30 minutes. I do feel like it did what it said. My skin was brighter. I would rate this one a 6/10 as well!

Comfy Mask Outfit

Of course I would tell you about a comfortable outfit to lounge in while you try all these masks. My whole outfit is from ASOS and these are probably the most comfortable pants I own.


ASOS Pants

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments and questions you might have or if you try any of these masks yourself.

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