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Weekend Wear

Do you ever get tired of running around?


From one week to the next lately it feels like life hasn’t stopped. Matthew (that’s bae for those of you who don’t know) and I have been running around visiting family and doing whatever else it is life has thrown at us. Do you ever have weeks like that? Just constantly on the go, lots of driving, you kinda think you might be sick but don’t have time to the right amount of sleep?


We've been busy busy busy lately and haven't had a weekend to relax in so long.


It’s so important to have balance in our lives. Running around is great and fun and exciting but we’ve got to prioritize rest or we’ll run ourselves into the ground! SO this weekend we’re taking it easy and just relaxing. Catching up on TV shows, watching movies on our watchlist and being couch potatoes. Chill. Nice right?


If you’re like me and forget to prioritize rest I encourage you to take a minute and ask yourself when you last rested. When was the last time you just stayed at home all day, took a prime nap or even just have a moment to yourself? No one is able to run 24/7, 365. That would be like expecting your phone to have 7 apps open while you’re recording a video in slow motion and then wondering why it only has 7% battery left. It has to have time to recharge, just like we do.


So when you finally have time to prioritize rest and take time for yourself, try some of these comfy lux pieces I’ll be lounging in this weekend!




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