Short Girls Guide to Jeans

Fall is here!

It’s fall which means one of my favorite closet staples are coming back! JEANS! I’ve always loved a good pair of jeans. I don’t know what it is but if I’m in my favorite pair of jeans, I know I’m going to have an awesome day. SO because I love jeans so much, I wanted to create a little guide on some popular styles this season. This guide is mostly aimed at petite women but if you’re blessed with height still give it a read, help out your short friends so they don’t look wack. Here we go!




A staple am I right? This style of jean have been around since I’ve been in middle school so I’m sure you’ve tried them by now. But because they are a classic and there are literally tons of styles they’re included in this list. Skinny jeans fit just how they sound. They hug closely to your body all the way through the leg. For us short girls in particular, skinny jeans can be our best friend. Because they fit more snugly they can highlight our legs when wearing an oversized top like hoodies or kimonos. This way we aren’t drowned in too much fabric. In the video I paired my skinny jeans with a simple bodysuit and black booties from Forever 21!


The quality of jeans is always super important. A good pair of jeans can make you feel more confident so why not make sure you’ve got a good pair? I get most of my jeans from Hollister and American Eagle actually. Both of these brands have stretch in their jeans so their skinny jeans don’t feel like your suffocating or can’t sit down.



The mom jean has been an up and coming style recently. I first remember seeing this fit towards the beginning of the year and was hesitant to try it. But, let me tell ya ladies, I got the most amazing pair from Urban Outfitters and now they’re my most favorite fit to wear. This style is amazing for us shorter gals because they are more high waisted. This elongates our lower half and makes us look taller (which honestly is all I want in life so holla).


This fit is also more relaxed through the legs. Its really only high waisted through the hips, and the legs have more of a straight or boyfriend fit. This is really great for relaxed styles or the 90’s look I’m totally in love with. I like pairing them with crop tops like in the video and other pictures I’ve posted on Instagram.


This style is almost completely opposite of the mom jean. It has way more of a relaxed fit for a more baggier look. They are usually mid to low waisted and often times in ripped styles. This fit doesn’t always work like you might think so stay with me ladies.

Because they’re a little baggier, you’ve got to make sure not to buy them in long sizes. You’re probably thinking “like duh, why would I, and if I did I could just roll them up”.. NO! Don’t do that to yourself. It’s too much material to roll and petite style jeans are cut for short legs. The inseam is shorter for specifically petite boyfriend jeans and helps us short gals get the same look without it looking too much like we’re actually wearing our boyfriend’s jeans.

High Waisted

Lastly, we have high waisted jeans! Also been around for quite a while now so I think this style is important to talk about. High waisted jeans are obviously high rise and sit midway through the torso. This fit is really great for us shorter gals. It makes our legs look SUPER long. And what’s better than looking taller than we actually are? Not much.


I also love paring high waisted jeans with some sort of heel or little booty to actually give me some height with my longer looking legs. Really shorties, its all about what you can do to create long lines.



If you want to check out the full video of each outfit you can see it here!

Disclaimer: The song in this video is Self Care by Mac Miller. I do not own this song and all rights go to their respective owners.



Thanks so much for letting me share these jean fits with you. Hopefully it helps. Let me know in the comments!

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