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New Season – New Hair

At certain times in life it comes time for a change.


I usually get these feelings around when the season changes. I think it can be a nice refresh to the rest of the year. When I’ve gotten this feeling in the pas I’ve done things like dye my hair, get a tattoo or pierce my ear. This time I decided to go with something a little more dramatic (obviously not more dramatic than the tattoos but you get my point).


I got hair extensions!

I’ve actually been thinking of getting them for most of the year and it finally panned out and happened. I have very little experience with extensions. I’ve only had them once before when I was in school but I’ve seen so many other beauties with them I decide to give it a shot. And I’ve always wanted long hair. Like ALWAYS. I remember asking my mom as a kid when my hair was going to look as long as my best friend’s long hair and got the very disappointing news that it probably never was. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, African American hair does not grow quickly. My hair has been the same length or shorter the majority of my life so this was a really big change for me. So that’s why I decided to do it! Now that I’ve kinda explained why, for those of you wanting to try something different or who are thinking about getting extensions, this is for you. I’ll be going over my whole experience FAQ style. If there’s something I don’t cover in this post, reach out to me and ask! I’m always open. Okay let’s do this!


Questions You Might Have about my Hair Extensions (and the answers)


Where did you get it done?

Fenix Beauty Lounge in Lawton, Oklahoma! My stylist was Whitney. I heard about her through my Mom when I mentioned to her I wanted to get extensions. My mom told me there was a great lady at her salon that does an amazing job with extensions so she gave me Whitney’s number and I reached out. Let me just tell you, Whitney is AMAZING. And that’s an understatement. I was able to FaceTime her before my appointment to talk about what I wanted, my experience with extensions in the past and what to expect for this time. Fenix Beauty Lounge is owned by two young entrepreneurial women, Whitney and Porche. They’ve worked together in Lawton for about 7 years and decided to open a salon of their own.  It was really important to be to still be able to wear my hair either half up half down or in a ponytail so Whitney suggested a partial sew-in. When I arrived at the salon the space was very clean and professional. Overall I’m in LOVE with how it turned out.


How long did it take?

About 2 1/2 to 3 hours! It is a longer process but totally worth it. I was never uncomfortable and Whitney always made sure my head felt okay.


Wait you said a Partial se-what?

Partial sew-in. It’s the method of how she’s done my extensions. Basically, half of my real hair is braided up under a net. There is a nice video here that gives you the jist of what that looks like. This girl is a little bit different than how mine is but similar concept.


So how long does it last?

In about 2 or 3 month’s I’ll go and visit Whitney again. That way she’ll be able to retouch anything that’s grown out.


Do you mind if I ask how much it costs?

Not at all! I’m an open book you guys. This was actually one of the parts of this experience I had the least knowledge of. Let me just tell you it’s a bit pricey but worth it in the long run. I did some major research for this and one of the MOST COMMON words of wisdom was to get good quality hair. It’s better to buy online than in a beauty supply store. And the best type in my opinion is virgin hair. I found a Youtuber who talks a bit about her favs here.  I took her advice and got my particular hair from Ali Express and the Ali Queen Hair products line. Whitney seemed pretty happy with my choice and it does feel and look amazing so I would highly recommend this brand. The separate cost of the sew in service was $165 at Fenix. However in larger cities I’ve seen prices as high as $230. The best thing to do in this instance is go with a credible source. I highly trust my Mom’s opinion so I had no issues. Try asking your friends or relatives if they know of anyone. BUT if you don’t have a trusted source like my Mom, find someone in your area on Instagram, stalk gallerias of stylist work until you find someone with a vibe like yours.


You got more pictures?




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