Beach Daze

Its our last day in Florida so I wanted to share my look with you all!

I’ve been pretty active about sharing this trip over Instagram and I’ll be writing a full Pensacola guide when we get back. Since it’s our last day we wanted to do something on the water. Being from West Texas we don’t see much so we’ve taken full advantage of it during our time here.


Today’s look is pretty beachy and perfect in Pensacola. The white sand looks so clean and I love white and blue together. I’ve taken a wrap top with a fun beachy print with some denim shorties. These shorts are from Point Break Apparel, a Canadian company who donates a part if each sale to local organizations that save our shores. You can find out more about their charity work here.


So I mentioned this is our last day in Pensacola but we aren’t headed home yet. We’ll be stopping in NEW ORLEANS for a night on the way back! I have never been to New Orleans so I’m very excited to check it out. The food, the culture, the music… stay tuned!


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