If DJ Tanner was a Millennial…

I am so inspired by 90’s fashion!


Maybe because it’s the decade I was born in but I’m so in love with the style. The prints, patterns, textures, colors, it’s all fab. A lot of my looks are inspired by 90’s fashion. These ones are no different. I’d like to think that if DJ Tanner as a millennial, she’d wear things like this. Plus these are great transition looks from summer to fall in warm places like Texas.

Let’s get started!

Look 1


I think this is the most modern blend of this style. Bike shorts have been around for quite awhile now but have recently have become super trendy. Think, Kim K. She really kind of brought them back in my humble opinion. Now you can get them from a lot of brands. Back in the day, they were mostly worn under dresses like Stephanie Tanner from Full House. Still a super cute look but to make it a bit more modern, try a crop top and jean jacket. Add some dad sneakers and you’re all set. Dressed like your fav influencers and Insta models.




Look 2


90’s fashion was vibrant and lively. Think, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Will Smith was poppin’. One way to achieve that look is to experiment with layering patterns ant textures. For example, I’ve paired this retro patterned top with a yellow fall thermal. Paired with some green cargo’s you’ve got a 90’s look! For fun details, try a patterned belt!






Look 3




Crop tops are a 90’s STAPLE. Think about it, Friends, Full House, Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Saved By the Bell, everywhere! Crop tops! I’m more of a conservative kind of gal so I wanted to find a way to incorporate this essential into my everyday wardrobe, without showing too much. What I found was this great top for only $8! The stripes give it a little more detail and the front tie is super trendy this year. And, because of the front tie, the shirt hangs a little lower so it does look SUPER cropped. These jeans are the Wild Fable brand and you can pick them up at Target. This whole brand gives off more of a 90’s vibe so if you’re super into the style like I am, definitely give them a look. And if you just want to add a few details but aren’t entirely sold on the 90’s idea, try a scrunchie! You can find them just about everywhere right now.



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