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The Festival Edit – How a Normal Girl Dresses for a Music Festival

It’s good to be home…


I just got back from an amazing music festival, Austin City Limits. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a music festival hosted in Austin, Texas. I’ve been wanting to go to a music festival for a while. Seeing all the fabulous bloggers at Coachella last year really put the nail in the coffin for me. I had to go to one. BUT you can’t just start out with Coachella so we started small. I’m not getting into the details of the festival here but I did want to share my outfits.


But let me start with a disclaimer, I was not a great fashion blogger this trip and didn’t take as many outfit pictures as I really should’ve. I was really wrapped up in everything that was going on. So sorry for the limited pics. BUT don’t worry, my explanation will be worth it and a picture is worth 1000 words anyway right?


Day 1

For the first day I wanted to keep it pretty simple. When I asked some vets what to expect from Austin City Limits someone said be prepared for the heat. They were not joking and it was really hot so luckily I planned my outfit accordingly. Since we’re in Texas I wanted to start with more of a western feel. I paired a simple white lace body suit with a denim skirt and little cowgirl booties! This particular body suit is pretty thin so I snagged a really great nude bralette from Free People. It was perfect and made the outfit more modest. I learned really quickly to wear more comfortable shoes the rest of the days though because there was A LOT of walking.


Day 2

For day 2 I wanted to go with a more chic look. The fun of festival style is you can really switch it up and play with different looks so I wanted to take full advantage. I wanted to do all black. The only reason was because I just think it looks cool. I went with a simple LBD (obviously, I love them and you can never have too many) from ASOS and a really on trend felt hat from T.C. Ellis! I also swapped the booties I was originally going to wear for way more comfortable Adidas tennis shoes. One piece that I REALLY wanted to pull this look together was a chain belt I found at Urban Outfitters. BUT the U.S. Postal Service is a joke and they lost my package so you’ll have to imagine how fab it would’ve been.


Day 3

Last day and most sad day for sure. I really didn’t want to have to leave and go back to regular life so I kept it fun with some fringe! I’ve been experimenting more with layers when it comes to my personal style and thought a music festival would be the perfect place to really try something different. I layered a simple polka dot dress from Tilly’s with a fun fringe-y top from Stitch Fix! I got this top a month or two ago actually and knew it would be perfect for this occasion. Mixing patterns can also give you a more festival vibe so I was happy to find this dress with white polka dots to match. And I kept the same Adidas as day 2 so my feet wouldn’t fall off.




I’m not great at accessorizing in general. Typically I wear the same earrings everyday and a hair tie around my wrist (that’s not an accessory really I know). But I wanted to try something a little different with accessories for ACL. I picked up a few great Pura Vida bracelets while we were in Florida two weeks ago. They are a really cool brand that does a lot of charity work. I really like their simple style and they do quite a bit of charity work.


I also experimented with hair accessories. Hair scarfs have been super trendy recently and I thought a music festival would be a great time to try it out. I didn’t get a great picture of my hair (sorry guys) but you can kind of see it in my day one pictures. I’m debating doing a hair scarf edit, would that be cool?


What I learned about festival style

In general I realized festival style is whatever you make it. There were SO many different looks and vibes from the people that go, in the end it doesn’t really matter what you wear. Yes, that’s crazy for a fashion blogger to say but think about it. You’re outside, for a long time, in the heat, listening to your favorite artist. As long as you’re cool and don’t overheat, anything is fair game! It’s just about expressing who you are and showing off your personality. So go with your heart! If you want to wear THAT SHIRT you’ve had in your closet forever but couldn’t find the occasion to break it out, wear that! If you’re going for one artist in particular and you’ve got a crazy collection of their merch, wear that! Just don’t let the thought of “festival style” take away from what you’re going for, to hear great music and have a good time.

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