Denim in Fall

Being able to take pieces from your closet and transition them into a different season is an important factor when buying an item. I think the more technical term for that factor is “cost per wear“. Essentially you don’t want your item to lose value too quickly. Obviously, you want to get as much use out of it as possible. That’s why when you go shopping, keep in mind different occasions and events you can wear each outfit to as well as how you’ll be able to transition pieces into different seasons. Today I’ll be talking about how you can easily transition your summer denim skirt into fall!


Denim Denim

So remember that ASOS denim skirt I wore to Austin City Limits? Pretty Summer-y piece wouldn’t you say? Well, I’ve actually found it really useful during this Fall season too! I love wearing sweaters and cardigans in the Fall and that denim skirt pairs perfectly with them! Throughout the week I’ll be sharing with you different ways to pair this skirt with sweaters and perhaps cardigans for different looks this season!


Ruffled Sweater

Let’s just start by saying sweater’s and skirts are almost always a good idea. It’s a versatile idea that can be dressed up or casual depending on the occasion. This is a really great opportunity to put your denim skirt to good use during the Fall season. For this look, I’ve paired this skirt with a white knit sweater with a ruffle sleeve detail. I got this particular sweater for a work Christmas party last year and knew it could be used for so many other uses like church, date night, or other holiday events. When you add the denim skirt it really makes the look more casual for your every day wear. And then of course, you can add in a Fall staple like over the knee boots and it really rounds it off!


Sporty Spice

Just because you’re wearing a skirt does NOT mean you’ve got to be dressed up. I love taking pieces like this and wearing them on more casual occasions. For this outfit I’ve paired a cropped pullover sweatshirt with a lace bodysuit and of course the denim skirt! This is a perfect “on the go” look and could be worn everyday.


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