Making the Switch: My Experience with NXNBeauty

I made the switch!

To be completely honest I was not expecting to really notice a difference when I switched to using an all natural (no sulfates, no phthalates, no gluten, no harmful chemicals) skincare routine but I was completely blown away by the change. Overall my skin feels so much healthier, smoother and softer than ever using the system I was using before. I would highly recommend this system for people with dry or sensitive skin. My skin has never felt so hydrated! All thanks to NXN Beauty!

What is NXN Beauty?

NXN Stands for Nurture by Nature. This skincare routine is made of all natural ingredients like Coconut, Coffee, Green Tea, Grape Seed, for example. These products are also never tested on animals! So you can feel good about using these products that are good for your skin! Because I have dry skin, I have been using the NXN Beauty Dry/Sensetive Skin Routine. In the past 30 days I have seen a noticeable improvement in the overall condition and health of my skin.

So highly recommend?

Absolutely! I would recommend this for anyone looking to change up their skincare and switch to all natural products. It really does make a difference for the health of your skin. To make it even better, I’ve teamed up with NXN Beauty and new customers can get 35% off their first order! Just use code MARILEE for your discount! I go way more in depth about my experience with NXN Beauty in this video below!

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