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It’s definitely been around all my life (millennial holla!) and in my opinion is one of those things that goes in and out of style. Like wearing all denim was super big at one point, then it wasn’t, and it’s come back full circle. I have the same feelings about tweed. This go around however I’m liking it more than ever! Probably because I’m older now and can appreciate the variety this style really does offer. SO today I’ll be showing you tweed two ways! Let’s get to it!


Don’t sweat it. Try a Sweater!



Tweed is obviously great in the winter. It’s like wearing floral in spring, it just makes sense. It’s a heavier material so colder months are the best time to wear it in my opinion. One thing that I really love about tweed is the different variations that it comes in. By definition its simply the way the material is woven that makes it tweed, so it comes in so many different colors and styles! I picked up this particular tweed skirt on Black Friday from Shein. The sweater is from StitchFix and I’ve linked details at the end of this post to shop!



Keep it Causal with a Graphic Tee


I love this look because it’s a mix of modern and classic. This is more of an everyday look and a fun way to bring in this style. Any graphic tee you have in your closet works perfectly. I’m sure you’ve got your favorites like I do. The one I’m wearing here was a gift from my boyfriend when he took a trip to Pittsburgh. I love getting tees from various vacations and this is the perfect way to be able to wear it more everyday. The comfy cardi is from Not Ur Ordinary Boutique . I’ve linked the details below to shop!



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