5 Obvious Goals for 2019

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The end of the year has me reflecting, of course, on everything that has happened this year and what I can be hopeful for in the coming year. 2018 was a really transformative year for me. I graduated with my Master’s degree and it was the first year I didn’t go back to school. I started a blog to pursue my creative side and share it with the world. A lot happened! So, going into 2019 I wanted to establish some goals (I’m not calling them resolutions because “goals” makes them sound more realistic). Without further ado…

My Top 5 2019 Goals

Get in shape

I’ve been saying it for too long now. I’m getting tired of telling myself that I need to start working out. Literally nothing is stopping me, I just need to get up and do it! One of my good blogger friends, Sarah, shares workouts and healthy living tips on the daily so I have no excuse not to give it a try! Obviously this is a big goal for a lot of people going into a new year. I’ll be blogging about my fitness journey here and there to hold myself accountable and have you all as a witness. If one of your goals for 2019 is to get in shape, let me know! We’ll do it together!

Eat Healthier

The next most obvious goal I have fore 2019 is to eat healthier. Working out won’t do as much good if you’ve only eaten Chick-fil-a for the past week. My friend Sarah also sometimes shares healthy recipes and of course there’s always Tasty!

Travel often

I’m only going to be young for so long! Now is prime time to get out and explore what’s out in the world. One experience I’d really like to try is called Pack Up & Go. You fill out a questionnaire and they create a special getaway for you and your travel companions. Where to, you may ask? That’s the fun of it. It’s a surprise! The instructions tell you when and how to get to your destination all while keeping it a surprise Fun right!

Play with more makeup

I’ve said this before, 9/10 times I’ll choose 5 more minutes of sleep over putting on any makeup. It’s not that I don’t like it, I’m just very lazy. But, now that I’m getting older, I figure I should at least know more of the basics of how to wear makeup, specifically eye shadow, contorting and eyebrows. Thankfully, Ellarie is amazing and she has so many tips on beauty and makeup. I’d also love to hear from you all what your favorite beauty and makeup brands are!

Although these goals are pretty obvious, I don’t think we should discredit their significance. I think these goals or resolutions are so popular for so many people because they all have the potential to make us feel better about ourselves. And for that reason my final last obvious goal for 2019 is

Be Kind

Let me know YOUR 2019 goals and resolutions in the comments below!

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