How to Add 90’s Vibes to Your Everyday Look

I’m on a retro kick!

First it was elbow patches, now another throwback look. I am a big fan of retro styles and incorporating them into my everyday looks. I’m especially inspired by the 90’s, I love the edgy throwback mood. So today I’m showing you all how I add some 90’s flair to my millennial wardrobe. Let’s get started!

Two Words: Cropped Jacket

A STAPLE in 90’s fashion. These little guys are so unique and add some major 90’s vibes to your outfit. I love a good cropped jean jacket for anyone wanting to subtly add this element to their outfit. I’ve linked a great one below. I chose to go with this orange corduroy number from SheIn because I loved the color. And I’m still on the corduroy comeback train. Don’t worry, I’ve also linked my exact outfit details below as well.

Distressed, oh Yes!

Distressed denim will get you so far when trying to go for a throwback look. I’m a big fan of major distress on jeans, just holes everywhere. But there are also some great styles that aren’t so worn looking that would give you the same look. If you want to go super retro like I did try some mom jeans!

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