You like my hair?

Gee, thanks! I’ve written about my hair before (here and here). It’s super precious to me and I want only the best for my mane. Therefore, I want to use only the best products to take care of it. I’ve got a pretty low maintenance style at the moment and only really need a few products. The brand recommended to me by my hair stylist and that I’ve been using for months is Design Essentials!

Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner are soooo good! They don’t contain sulfates and are gentle on both my natural hair and my weave. In addition to wearing a protective style, my natural hair has been able to grow on it’s own! My favorite part of these products is the way the smell and feel. I’m a bit fan of mint and this is the best smelling shampoo/ conditioner combo I’ve ever used. And it leaves you scalp feeling cool and tingly. So soothing!

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In addition to keeping my hair clean I’ve also got to keep my scalp hydrated! Nothing is worse than a dry and flaky scalp that leads to brittle hair. To go with my Design essentials shampoo and conditioner I also use the scalp tonic! This is an easy way to moisturize my scalp especially under the tracks of my extensions! Plus it feels cool and hydrating!

I use these products on a daily basis and I would 100% recommend them to anyone. Whether you wear extensions or not, Design Essentials product’s are very nourishing and revitalizing. Plus, they have free shipping on orders over $40 from their website or you can pick up their products in stores like Sally Beauty or Target!

I hope you’ve found some insight into how I treat my hair and my top 3 hair products. Let me know how you feel in the commments!

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