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Vegas Baby!


Let’s start with a little background. I had never been to Vegas before. Obviously I’d heard about how much fun it is, the gambling and all the shows. So when I got the opportunity to tag along with my boyfriend’s family to the bowling Open Championship tournament, I couldn’t pass it up. Let me tell you, Vegas is so much MORE than I was expecting. You can do just about anything in Vegas, drive exotic cars, jump off buildings, win a lot of money (hopefully), the list goes on. So today I’m summing up all that we did during our week long Vegas vacation!


The Journey

We drove. Yes, let’s get that shock out now. From where we are in Texas to Las Vegas, it is about a 14 hour drive. Seems like a lot, I know, but it was actually the best way to travel there from where we are. Sure, we could’ve hopped on a plane (there is a direct flight) but why struggle with wind, weather and airlines when we can rent a car and drive? That gives us the ease of having a car while in Vegas and we were able to make some stops along the way. If we hadn’t been driving, I would’ve missed the beautiful landscape of the southwest. I really love the landscape of the southwest. Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico all have that desert charm you see your favorite bloggers trying to portray.

We made a stop at The Grand Canyon, something we definitely couldn’t have done if we had flown. I had never been to The Grand Canyon before and it blew away all my expectations. It’s so much bigger and more majestic that I imagined. It was a really amazing experience I would suggest for anyone. If you’re traveling to or live in the southwest, The Grand Canyon is a must see!

We also visited Zion National Park during our trip. If I’m being honest, it was even better than the Grand Canyon. Zion National Park is at the southern tip of Utah. You can drive through or hike through the gorgeous canyon to see amazing views. We only took a day trip to Zion so we weren’t there for long, but it was a major highlight of the trip. We took the park shuttle bus to different stops along the trail and took pictures mostly. I really want to plan another trip to Zion and hike all the beautiful trails.

Lastly, we had to stop at the Hoover Dam. I did not realize what a modern feat of engineering this thing was. It was so cool to learn about the history and reasoning behind the dam. It is massive and powers itself as well as so much of the surrounding area. It’s only $15 to tour the dam. You get to go inside, see the generators as well as learn so much more about the history. Then after you get the privilege of saying you’ve been INSIDE the Hoover Dam. Major bragging rights or a topic of conversation at your next party.


The Shows

Before going to Vegas I asked my friends and family around for suggestions on what to do. One friend suggested going to as many shows as possible because they are all amazing and worth it. I’m so glad I was given that advice because it is absolutely true. We saw three shows during our vacation, KA by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM, Penn and Teller at the Rio, and V the Ultimate Variety Show at Planet Hollywood.

My favorite show was KA by Cirque du Soleil. I have seen a Cirque show previously and liked this one even more. KA is one of the first Cirque shows (besides the MJ and Beatles tribute shows) to follow a complete story rather than having the performers come out in groups and do their thing. There is an 80 ton stage that rotates every direction (even upright!), the performers engage with the audience so it’s very immersive, and the music plays in speakers from your seat! 10/10. That show blew me away and I would absolutely suggest it to anyone.

Penn and Teller were great as well. These well known magicians will literally tell you how they are doing a trick and STILL somehow surprise and make you wonder “how did they do that?” If you are a fan of magic or are just wanting to see some magicians in Vegas, Penn and Teller are your fellas.

Lastly, we saw V the Ultimate Variety Show! This show wasn’t on our list to go to initially, but the tickets were free for us so we couldn’t pass it up. I was really surprised by how much I liked this show. The host was the highlight for me. His name is Wally and he kept me in tears the whole show, he was so funny. He’s also the fastest juggler I’ve ever seen. All of the acts were super talented and fun to watch. If you’re looking for a family friendly show, I would suggest V!

The Food

One of the BEST parts of this vacation was all the amazing food! We’ve been back a few days now and I cannot stop thinking about all of the meals we had. I can’t really cook for myself (and when I do it’s not good) so I was really pumped about all of the delicious restaurants. Here is a list of all of the best places we ate at in Vegas!


The Neon Museum

I really had a great time at the Neon Museum. It is a fun attraction that displays a lot of retired Vegas hotel and casino signs. They do have some restrictions on taking photos so I’m actually not able to post them in this blog post. But check out my Instagram (@marlee_eliza) for a little look at this spot.

So what did you wear?

Of course I’ll go into detail about what I wore everyday. Overall, I wanted my Vegas style to be fun and playful. I like to kind of match what I’m wearing to the environment and vibe. The weather was pretty cool while we were there, the highs only being low 70s toward the end. My LifeCycle app also told me there was a 31% increase from my usual walking average so we were walking quite a bit. Keeping that in mind, I new I needed comfortable shoes and lots of layers. Because practicality makes any outfit even better.

This was probably my favorite outfit of the trip. I was constantly grabbing jackets this trip because it was pretty chilly most days. I love layering denim and think its fun to mix color and patterns. I think this look is fun and edgy by layering the polka dot top with the denim jacket. The black jeans give it a little bit more umph and of course the white booties. The top is from Stitch Fix and I’ve added my link below. Other similar pieces are linked as well!


Bright and Sunny

This look was super fun. You all know I love denim on denim in the first place. I think its just a fun look in general. Then, adding this bright yellow ruffle top adds a bit more dimension and layers. Super simple but also super stylish! This top is from a local boutique and I’ve linked it below. Jeans are American Eagle and are a really great fit. My jacket is the Wild Fable brand from Target. I believe it is sold out at the moment but I’ve linked a similar one.


I had a really cute idea in mind. Originally, I was going to wear these same pieces (overalls, a white crop and denim jacket) with a really cute hair clip I got from a Navajo woman. And the vibe was supposed to be fun, exploration, cute with a hint of edgy street style. What ended up happening was a lot more edge than I was hoping. It rained, and I forgot a rain jacket! I guess a 20% chance of rain in the southwest really does mean it MIGHT rain. So in order to save my hair, I had to borrow a baseball cap from my loving boyfriend. Adding a cap made the look SO different. Instead of cute exploration Barbie I got Stoop Kid from Hey Arnold. So now, that you’re all caught up here’s how I got over it.

Go with the flow

Vacay style in general is meant to be fun and creative. You’ve only got so much room in your suitcase and you know what they say about the best laid plans. So go with the flow. If you look like Stoop Kid by accident just own it. None of those other travelers know who you are anyway and it’s not like you’ll ever see them again. So have fun! Who cares what anyone else says.


Friendly Faces

On our last day in Vegas I actually got to meet up with a friend of mine. We were roommates in college and it has been so long since we’ve seen each other. I am so happy I got to meet up with her. We ate lunch at Greens and Proteins, which is the same place the Jersey Shore cast met up. And I got to hear all about her cool job working with the horses in the Tournament of Kings show. As for this look I was just keeping it casual. I love this camo jacket from Stitch Fix. It is really lightweight and easy to layer. I just added a black bodysuit and pink pants!


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