Dark Circles are Out

Perfect Timing

These under eye masks could not have come at a better time. As many of you know, I just recently got back from a week long vacation in Las Vegas. Super fun vacay but totally exhausting. And it definitely showed in the dark circles under my eyes. Thankfully VIICode had by back with their O2 Oxygen Eye Mask for dark circles.

I was so excited to try these under eye masks. I love face masks and beauty products in general and these masks in particular really stuck out to me. One box contains 6 pairs of masks. You can use 3 treatments per week so one box will last you 2 weeks. What really stuck out to me about these masks was the amount of time you wear them. For the most effective use, the under eye masks should be worn for 6 to 8 hours. So they are perfect to wear overnight while you’re sleeping. The oxygen eye masks nourish your skin while you sleep so you can wake up looking refreshed.

My Personal Experience

I love the packaging. I’m a sucker for any kind of cool or unique packaging. The masks come in super sleek metallic packaging which I’ve never really seen before. Immediately after taking the eye masks out of the packaging I could tell they are really great quality. The gel in of the masks is pretty sticky so I never had to worry about the masks slipping or falling off while I slept. The gel masks also stimulate a cooling or tingling sensation that feels so good. Personally, I like to know something is working when I put it on and I could tell immediately with these masks that my dark circles would be gone in the morning.

Let me tell you, I was right. Beyond right. I was honestly shocked by how well these masks worked! My face looked so much brighter and refreshed when I removed the masks in the morning. I couldn’t wait to try them again.

So Highly Recommend?

Absolutely! If you struggle with dark circles or just need a little refresher after a long vacation, try VIICode’s O2 Oxygen Eye Masks. Let them work their magic overnight and wake up with no dark circles!

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