I’ll be with You in Heavenly Places

It’s Easter once again!


As I’m getting older I’m realizing Easter is becoming one of my favorite holidays. Not just because of the candy and pastels but because of the true meaning. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the magnificent sacrifice God has made for us. Sending His son to die so that we can live. How amazing! Even writing and saying it out loud brings the reality that this life isn’t forever and one day we will meet Him face to face. Incredible!

I have a lot of feelings about Easter, obviously. But I don’t think my written words really communicate the feeling behind this holiday. So what can get my point across? Music!  Music speaks to the soul and connects people way more than anything I could say. Below I have listed my favorite Easter related songs. Obviously there aren’t really specific ones so I’ve compiled the ones that have been speaking to me most recently.


Who You Say I Am – Hillsong United

Because we have a living God who stays the same throughout time, He has always been such a comfort to me. Life is constantly changing and a lot of the time I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s so comforting to me to know that the God of my childhood, who has taken care of me all my life, is the exact same today as He was when I was a kid. Even though I’m not the same person, God knows me and has always called me His child. This first song is a really great reminder of that for me. My favorite lyrics:

“I am chosen, not forsaken.

I am who You say I am

You are for me, not against me

I am who You say I am”

When I’m with You -Citizen Way

I find myself constantly looking for validation in things that can never fulfill me. Are these clothes cute enough? Am I funny enough? Am I living up to everyone’s expectations like I think I should be? What am I doing in my career? I can be a lot sometimes and worry that my personality is too polarizing for people. But when I take a step back and listen to this song, it reminds me that God loves me for just who I am. All the things of this world will fade away so they really don’t matter. I feel most like myself when seeking and connecting with God. He’s the only one that can fulfill me and give me purpose. Favorite lyrics:

“Everything’s not fine

 and I’m not okay,

But it’s nice to know

I can come this way

When I’m with you

I feel the real me finally breaking through”


Build My Life- Patt Barrett

This song is just a statement. For me, it clearly lays out who God is and how He is the most important and more worthy than anything in this world. I believe once we know who God is, we can start to find Him in our everyday life. God can be seen in the little things in life like the beauty of the sunrise or that joy you feel when your cat welcomes you home or the comfort of seeing your family after a long time. All blessings from God that become more and more obvious as we grow closer to Him. This song is a reminder and statement for me that God is the ultimate foundation to build my life upon. My favorite lyrics of this song:

“Show me who You are

and fill me with your heart

and lead me in Your love to those around me”

Alive- Big Daddy Weave

Through God we have a life beyond what we could imagine. We don’t have to be dragged down by the weight of the world or the troubles around us. We have a hope through Him that is just so amazing. That hope is the joy of my life and what keeps me going through the tough times. God has saved me from a life of misery and forever I’ll be held and kept safe by Him. This song perfectly reflects that feeling of being alive in Christ and celebrating all He has done for us. Favorite song lyrics:


A running phrase in this song is “But God.” I feel that is just so powerful. Never never never count Him out or think He isn’t working for you. This phrase is just so applicable to every situation. For example, it’s so easy in life to get caught up in the unknown BUT GOD has saved us and is working for our good. Rejection is hard and a horrible feeling BUT GOD is my constant comfort and loves me for all that I am. We make bad decisions sometime BUT GOD is ready to forgive and make us better. I have no plan in life BUT GOD says in His word that all things work for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. See what I mean? You can’t count Him out. He is so much bigger than the box we often try to fit Him in.


And that’s what I celebrate on Easter

All of the BUT GOD situations coming together. We didn’t have an example of how to live BUT GOD sent Jesus as the perfect example. We didn’t have a chance of ever living up to that perfection perfection BUT GOD loves us enough to care for us and save us. We were dead in our sin BUT GOD sent Jesus to die for us. We are scared to witness to others BUT GOD gives us the confidence to share our story.

My hope is that this post fully sums up why Easter is so important to me, and why it’s important to everyone. Let me know your thoughts in the comments or any other songs that you connect with for Easter!

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