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What’s in My Travel Bag?

I love to travel!

I think one of the best things we can do in life is to explore the beautiful world around us. We only have one life so I think it’s really important to experience all that we can, different cultures, climates, activities, everything! So I try to take a trip every few months to get out and explore.

Travel and Skincare

Obviously one of the big challenges of traveling is keeping your skin in check. Our skin reacts differently to the environment it’s in so naturally it can go through some rough patches if you travel often. Today I wanted to show you all what skincare products I like to bring while traveling. I use these products regularly when I travel because I think they help keep my skin in a good condition while I’m away from home.


For your face


NXN Beauty

I absolutely love this system so I had to mention it first. I’ve been using NXN Beauty for months and it has made my skin so soft and smooth. I especially love this set for travel because it is really simple to use and includes an exfoliate. The packaging is also rather small so it fits easily in travel bags. NXN Beauty also has a special line infused with CBD which has a lot of benefits for your skin like reducing redness, preventing acne and anti aging. You can use code “marilee” for a discount on your order!


VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask

Eye mask magic. Often times when I’m traveling we try to pack too many activities into one day, so we end up being really tired. These Oxygen eye masks are perfect for getting rid of dark circles overnight so you wake up looking refreshed. They’re the first eye mask of its kind that you use for eight hours while you sleep! I’ve written a full blog post over my experience with these eye masks you can check out here for more info!


KALOS Mist Congeniality

This mist is perfect for travel for a couple reasons. One, it is super hydrating for you skin and makes it feel so refreshed. You can use it right before you put on your makeup for more supple skin or any time of day if you need some hydration. Reason number two, its perfect travel size so you don’t feel too extra bringing it. Lastly, this mist is really soothing so it will help keep you in a calm mood amidst travel chaos.


For Your Body

My go to lotion for travel.  This lotion comes in the large size but the small size is really good to bring along trips. Honestly, you could just buy the big and small sizes once and just refill the small one when you need it. It is so soothing especially if you tend to have dry skin like I do. It also has vitamins C, E and B5 for an extra boost!


Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant

I just recently switched to this deodorant and it quickly became a new favorite. I think is a really great alternative to all natural deodorants without making the full switch and going through that awkward transition time. It is aluminum free and dye free and it smells AMAZING.


Those are my top travel skincare essentials! I hope you enjoyed this post and the products I mention. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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