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I Survived Gov Ball 2019 and All I Got Were Some Cute Outfits

SO we did it


A little background…

My boyfriend and I have recently become festival junkies. Our love of music is sending us around the country in the hopes of seeing all of the amazing artists we listen to on the daily. We are really new to this endeavor so this is only our second festival (see ACL 2018) but this trip to New York City for Gov Ball 2019 was absolutely unforgettable.



For more than one reason. One, we love New York! It’s our absolute favorite city to travel to because it’s always so alive. There’s just an energy to the city unlike anywhere else that we’ve been to. I would highly suggest visiting if you haven’t already, just be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Two, we got to see one of my Top 5 rappers, Tyler, The Creator. His set was stunning and played all of my favorites. Three, we almost died (see #govballnyc on Twitter for all the traumatic videos). And four, the fashion of course!


The Fashion

Gov Ball fashion was so fun. I love to coming up with festival outfits and always have a good time doing it. Unlike my style at ACL, my Gov Ball outfits were a bit more festival-ish. Today I’ll be going in depth on the different outfits I wore and hope to inspire you some festival fashion you feel comfortable trying yourself! Let’s dive in!


Day One

My favorite outfit out of all three days for sure. I was really inspired by the cumulative feeling around festival style that just makes you want to be so extra and want to make a statement. To me, nothing makes a statement quite like an all black outfit. It’s such classic look that adds a little mysterious vibe. To add to it, I accessorized the mess out of this outfit with a black hat, sunglasses and chain!


Day Two

The most girly look of the festival. For this look I was really inspired by a lot of the looks I had been seeing at Coachella this year. I’m not normally a very girly dresser so this was a fun look for me. A look like this can be pulled off really simply with a good basic like this baby blue dress from Tiger Mist. All it really needs are girly accessories like pearl hair clips and jewelry. I also added a metallic fanny pack for a more of a “festival” vibe and convenience.


Day Three

The most comfortable look by far! This look is so simple but still fun and festival -ish. This was def the most wearable look of the trip and the easiest to pull off on your own. Overall, to pull off this look all you need is an oversized tee, a belt and some bike shorts. Style tip, try picking up a shirt from the men’s section! In my opinion they fit better than just sizing up in a women’s tee. Men’s shirts, like this one from TopMan, are a bit more straight cut so it hangs a bit better than an oversized women’s tee.



Have Fun!

Festival fashion is meant to be fun and creative! You should never feel pressured to dress a certain way or feel like you have to have a certain look. It’s all about expressing yourself and wearing whatever you want to enjoy the music you love so much. I hope this gave you a bit of inspiration for your next festival. Let me know what you think in the comments!






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