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I’ve Changed My Hair Again


If for some reason you didn’t know or are new, I’ve been wearing extensions for the past 9 (or so) months (read all about it here, or here). I loved how it looked and the ombre style but some days it was more trouble than it was worth. Frankly, I’m too lazy to want to style my hair everyday. To be quite honest, I was getting tired of the long hair, especially in the summer, and all the effort that goes into having long hair. So I took out my extensions (more power to the girls who wear them on the regular)!

So what’s new?


1. I’m back to wearing my hair sans extensions and

2. I’m going to stop getting relaxers. I’ve realized it’s not great for my hair chemically treat it every eight weeks or so. I feel like it could be much stronger and healthier for it to just live on it’s own. So today I’ll be sharing with you the style I’m trying and products I’m using to start this hair transition journey.

How’s the New “-do?”

SO much easier and wearable than extensions. Why? Because it’s just MY hair. Nothing sewn in and hard to wash, I can feel my scalp again, and my hair isn’t in tight braids anymore. As for the style, it’s called a “rod set“. There are so many different ways to do this style, but basically what happens is like when your grandma use to put rollers in her hair.

Very simple steps:

  •  Wash your hair
  • put in rollers of whatever size you want the curls to be while putting in leave in conditioner
  • Sit under a dryer
  • Take out said rollers after your hair is dry

And then my hair just stays curly until I repeat that process again when the curls fall. Very simple, not hot, my hair.


What products did you say?

I want to be clear that I did not cut my hair at all. I really couldn’t handle the idea of “the big chop” so I’ll slowly cut off the chemically treated part of my hair as it gets trimmed. Because of that, I’m using a very gentle shampoo and conditioner.

I’ve been using this Design Essential’s shampoo and conditioner since I first put in my extensions and overall have felt the condition of my hair improve. I believe it’s because this formula is free of PARABENS , PARAFFIN , PETROLATUM, and MINERAL OIL •that all strip away valuable minerals from your hair. In all my research (really just watching Youtuber’s suggestions) for this style, sources say those are terrible for your hair in a transition stage so I’m not risking it.

As for leave in conditioner, I swear by this stuff. I don’t know what it is about it, but it leaves my hair feeling so soft and moisturized, more than any other leave in conditioner I’ve tried. Plus, it’s such a great price, under $10.

To keep my hair moisturized I use coconut milk. This particular brand is a bit heavier but does the job. There are tons of other oils you can use on your hair like almond, and avocado. Coconut has just been what has been best for my hair so far. To keep my curls looking full I’ve been using the biotin oil treatment by OGX. This just helps my hair look fuller and fluff up better in the morning.


I hope you follow along with me as I go on this hair journey! I’ll be keeping you updated about different styles and product as I go along!

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