Festival Fashion, on a Tuesday



So happy you’re back, and if you’re here for the first time for some reason, my name is Marlee*.


Fun fact about me: I love music festivals!


Truthfully, I’ve only attended two but loved every single minute of them. Yes, even the disaster of #GovBall2019.

One of my favorite things about music festivals are the outfits. I love that festival style basically has no rules and you’re able to really experiment with different looks. I’ve written a few times about festival fashion if you want to check it out here, and here.


So what’s the problem?

I have way too many pieces I’ve bought for festivals and have only worn once! Big issue, even though it sounds vain. There are two main problems in this dilemma.

1. It’s rude to be so wasteful. There are so many people in need of clothing or who don’t have a lot to spend on clothing. I think it’s always a great idea to donate old clothes to charity. Or if you’re a boss sell them on Poshmark or to a consignment store.


2. I’m not getting my money’s worth. Buying a dress and wearing it one time? What is this my wedding?


Obviously festival pieces can be worn to multiple festivals for more than one wear, but what about the rest of the year when its just sitting in your closet? So today I’m showing you…


How to Wear Festival Apparel, on a regular Tuesday


The Rhinestone Belt

This past summer, big belts were trending in festival wear. For my Governors Ball outfit, this played out as an outfit with an oversized tee, bike shorts and a rhinestone belt.

SO how do you wear this belt on a regular day? Keep it super casual. I paired this belt with some super holey mom jeans and a graphic tee from Urban Outfitters. Then adding the belt seems like a not-so out of place feature to define your waist with the help of the jeans. I also added some little floral heels because I’m currently obsessed with dressing like I’m from the 90’s.


The (Ripped) Denim Jacket

A staple in festival fashion, a denim jacket! I personally haven’t been to many festivals where the weather has been cold, but I know some do get cold at night (i.e. Coachella, Outside Lands). I often seen denim jackets styled at festivals when I’m searching for myself.

There are so many ways to style a denim jacket. I think a cute and interesting way to wear jackets is to really make them the standout feature. I paired this jacket with this really great green jumpsuit from Forever 21. Wearing all one color or neutral colors with denim jackets makes them pop, especially with a cool distressing.


The Wrap Top and The Fanny Pack

Last but not least, this outfit incorporates two festival fashion pieces. The wrap top is a go-to in festival style because of its effortlessness. It’s going to look cute with whatever shorts you wear with it. The fanny pack is also an effortless festival bag choice, easy to carry around and looks retro cool.

Together these pieces complement each other well. I dressed up the wrap top a bit by layering a bodysuit underneath. A great way to make a lot of your summer tops transition into fall in general is to layer them. If they don’t have a super summery floral pattern or anything, they layer well with short sleeve or lace bodysuits. Adding a fanny pack is a fun way to carry just your phone and wallet if you’re just running around town. You can feel safe knowing it’s close to you and you’ve only got the essentials so no need to worry about digging in a big purse.


I hope this helped you if you want to wear your festival fashion more than just a few times a year. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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