Fashion Through the Decades: 70s, 80s and 90s

Hey guys!


I’m so happy to be back and writing another blog post for your reading pleasure. I have been really inspired lately by retro fashion. Specifically, I’ve been really vibing with style from the 70’s to the 90’s. Obviously I don’t want to look like I’m from the wrong decade when I go out so today, I’m showing you…


Retro Inspired Looks for the Modern Day


Look 1: the 90’s

We’ll work in reverse order here and start with a look inspired by 90’s fashion. 90’s style was all about grunge and edge so I tried to work that feel into this outfit. I paired a simple, square neck top from Forever 21 with these amazing corduroy pants from American Eagle. Corduroy was sort of a staple fabric in the 90’s so when I found these pants I knew that I needed to have them in my wardrobe. They are a “mom jean” fit so they are high-waisted and fit straight through the legs. This is a really great fit for short gals like me because it makes our legs look longer. And really, who doesn’t want to look taller if they can?



Look 2: the 80s

Ahh the 80’s. A decade of great movies, music and fashion. 80’s fashion was all about showing off your personal style in a unique and fun way. To channel that 80’s energy, I paired a very retro windbreaker, from Garage, with some high-waisted, distressed mom jeans. I don’t know if “mom jeans” were invented specifically in the 80’s but they might as well have been right? Like that’s where they get their name, the jeans your mom might’ve worn when you were a kid. Along with some Dr. Martens, this look screams 80’s to me.


Look 3: the 70’s

The 70’s were an iconic fashion decade, all about fun prints, and flare pants. Being shorter, it can be hard to find flares that actually work and don’t completely cut me off, but this pair from KC Garment are perfect with heeled booties or wedges. Let’s also take a moment to acknowledge the fit of these flares, high-waisted and oh so cute. I paired it with a simple bodysuit, also from KC Garment, that has some really cool sleeves. They’re sheer so it isn’t too hot and would layer under a coat really nicely.


And there you have it!

Three retro inspired looks you can wear everyday. I really hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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