Eyelash Me Your Questions: Pt. 2

Hello again friends!

I’m so excited to update you guys on my eyelash routine. I have found THE BEST eyelash gal in Kansas City and today I’ll be telling you all about it and answering your questions! Let’s get started.

So What’s New?

I ended up having a really bad experience at the Amazing Lash I talked about in my previous post. The stylist I was seeing there ended up applying the lashes wrong. When eyelashes are being applied, one fake lash gets glued to one of your real lashes. The stylist at Amazing Lash was gluing multiple lashes to one lash which ended up making them look really clumpy and falling out in patches.

Obviously after that experience I had to find someone new. I have been seeing Alex here in Kansas City at the Parlay Salon for quite a few months now. Lashed by Alex has truly been a lifesaver for me. I found Alex on Instagram and was really impressed by her profile. If you check it out, each client she does looks absolutely flawless.


What Kind of Lashes Do You Get?

Normally when I visit Alex, I go for just a single lash fill. I love the way Alex applies my lashes because they look so natural. I feel like I look like myself still, while not having to wear makeup everyday. With Alex, you can choose to book an appointment for a refill every two or three weeks. I’m able to get my lashed refilled every three weeks, but keep in mind, I’m usually seen without makeup.

This time however, Alex hooked me up with Volume Lashes! Let me tell you babes, this look is IT. These lashes are a bit different than the single style. Instead of just one lash, these babies have multiple lashes on them so they look even more full. I would totally get this style again for events or vacations. It’s really simple and easy way to make your look more glamorous without having to change too much.

Your Questions

So like in my previous post, I asked you guys on Instagram what questions you have about eyelash extensions.


How Long Does an Appointment Take?

With Alex, it usually takes maybe an hour to an hour and a half for a refill. Not a lot of time considering I only have appointments every three weeks.


Have You Experienced Side Effects?

No real side effects that I know of. When I first got lashes it did take a few days for me to adjust to wearing them. My eyes in general just felt heavy or tired.


Can You Feel the Glue on Extensions?

You can feel the glue being put on but it just feels like water. It doesn’t feel sticky and day to day you don’t feel it at all. There are times when a lash can get a little crooked and you might have to adjust but it’s no big deal at all.

How Much Does it Cost?

For my three week refills, it is $85. I know for a two week refill, it is $75. I can’t remember exactly how much it is for your first appointment but I don’t remember it being any more than my Amazing Lash appointment. I’ll be sure to link Alex’s website here.


Do they feel heavy?

At first they felt a bit heavy. I had tired eyes the first time I got lash extensions, but eventually you get used to it. Same with the Volume Lashes, my eyes felt heavy after the first day. They don’t feel heavy now.

That wraps up this blog post!

I hope I answered all of your questions and this was helpful to you. If you do have any other questions, feel free reach out to me on Instagram or leave a comment below. Bye!

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