I Tried Frank Vinyl’s At Home Photo Shoot Ideas

I’m taking this time to be more creative.

More time at home means more time to be creative with at home photo shoots. I can’t go around town, travel or go to festivals like I normally would to take photos so I took to Instagram to find come help. That’s when I came upon the blog Frank Vinyl and these photo shoot ideas to try at home.

I thought it would be fun to try and recreate some of these photo shoot ideas to explore my creativity. It was fun to be able to take these ideas and come up with my own twist to how I saw the photo looking. Of course there were road blocks to work through but it was challenging to think outside the box and really get creative. Let’s get started!


Coffee and Newspaper


This was my take on the photo shoot idea “coffee and newspaper”. As you can see, there is no coffee or newspaper pictured. I didn’t have coffee or newspaper at my house but really liked the idea of the cozy vibe and a peek into an at home activity you enjoy. So instead, I thought outside the box and used what I had that went together, books and journals. I love to read and have kept a journal throughout my life so I thought this was a good substitute.


Bedroom Hangs

The next idea I tried to recreate was “bedroom hangs”. My bed is one of my favorite spots in the house so I thought it would be interesting to try and get some good photos. I like the coziness I was able to get with this photo as well as the neutral colors in it. Overall I think it’s nice but would try and get a more interesting shot next time.


Furry Friends

“Furry friends” was an obvious choice when looking through these photo ideas. I have my cat, Bella and my boyfriend’s cat, Cash, also comes to visit. Bella was angry about a previous bath so Cash was the lucky winner. I like that this photo really captures his pattern and features.


Mirror, Mirror

This is my take on Frank Vinyl’s “mirrors” idea. Working with mirrors is always fun! I like being able to capture different angles and perspectives you don’t normally see with mirrors. I wanted a nice feature shot of my bag and mirrors I think are a great way to highlight accessories.


Your Favorite Spot

Lastly, here is my recreation of the “favorite corner” photo idea. There are a couple little spots in my apartment that I really like. I loved Frank Vinyl’s the idea of highlighting those spots and trying to portray the feeling of them. My cozy little corners are in my office and on my balcony.


There you have it folks!


I tried Frank Vinyl’s photo shoot ideas at home. It was really fun to get creative with these and think outside the box. I think too often I get caught up in trying to get a certain kind of shot that I forget what I loved about taking photos in the first place. I didn’t try all of the photo suggestions so let me know if you guys want to see a part two!


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