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Style Roundup – How to Wear Animal Print Multiple Ways

Hi everybody!


I’m changing up the format a bit here. I announced on my Instagram that every week, I’ll be styling a new trend in different ways to show you how you can incorporate that style into your style. It’s been a fun week styling animal print with you all over on my Instagram. I decided to round out each week, I’ll post a blog post, or video going over what we’ve talked about. In this post I’ll be going through each of my outfits from most bold, to least, and talking about how you can incorporate the trend into yours style. Ready?


Animal Print is all the Rage

No matter where you shop, you’ll surly find some animal print. Animal print is not my go to style but it is a fun to try out new things to see if you like them. The first animal print outfit this week I went bold with a cheetah print set from Fabletics. I absolutely love the fit of this set and how comfortable it is. I’ve been living in lounge wear lately so I’m all about a comfy outfit. This set is bold, fun and surprisingly made me feel so confident when I wore it. If you want to get 2 pairs of leggings for $24 from Fabletics, use this link here to sign up for their VIP program and get awesome discounts!

Cow print does not equal Western Wear


Who would’ve thought cow print would be my new favorite thing to wear? Cow print is not just western, to me it has a very springy vibe and looks great with almost anything. If you’re hesitant to try the style for fear of a look that’s too western, try pairing it with spring colors. When it comes down to it, cow print is just a black and white pattern for you to decide how to style.


Snakeskin is here to stay

I don’t think snakeskin is ever going out of style. You can find almost any piece of clothing in a snakeskin print. I love to use it as an accent for edgy looks. Because there’s so much texture in snakeskin, I like to pair it with other textures for an interesting look.

Don’t forget to accessorize!

The most minimal way you can wear this trend is just in accessories. I actually like this look the most because I feel it matches my personal style the best. Little pops of animal print are interesting to look at and and add dimension to your outfit. Take your look to the next level with animal print accessories and everyone will be complimenting your style!


And that wraps up our animal print adventure! I hope you guys enjoyed this new format. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and what trend to try next week!

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