What Happens When You Use an Instagram Growth Service? – I Did An Experiment

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It’s been a minute since I’ve written a post but I’m getting back to my blogging roots. Today I wanted to talk about blogging, influencers specifically buying followers on Instagram. This post is for the gals that see those bloggers with huge followings and want to be just like them. I hope to encourage you to take the long path to success instead of trying to take short cuts. I’ll explain why. Really, it can be summed up in one word.




I’ve written in the past about influencer giveaways where you can gain a bunch of followers quickly. Today I wanted to talk about “growth services” that guarantee “real followers” to boost your numbers. I won’t name any specific services because I don’t want to promote them or make it easier for you to find them. In short: THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT.




Ask yourself this question: are you making a REAL connection with your followers if they’re all fake? What do you expect to happen when a bunch of fake accounts follow you? I’ll tell you what you actually get, nothing. In fact, it’s almost always obvious when someone has participated in these services because they have a high follower count, but very low engagement on actual posts. In today’s post I’m talking all about my experience using one of those growth services, and why you should steer clear. I’ll break it down for you here.


The Hypothesis

Let me be clear, I don’t want to deceive anyone. When I first thought of this experiment I wanted to see what those services were like exactly, how much they costed and if they made a real impact on my account. Going into this that it might be interesting to see what all they hype about buying followers is about. All of the experts say to never do it buy it can’t be that right?

I blog on the side and most of my collaborations are gifted, not paid. I have a full time job in digital marketing so I didn’t need to boost my numbers in order to get paid collaborations or anything. Also want to mention I didn’t buy a significant amount of followers so no one thinks my whole following is fake. I only bought 1,000 to see what kind of difference that makes.

My intentions were purely to see what kind of growth could happen with this kind of service and if they are worth what they advertise. The service I used said they offered “real” followers you could purchase for a certain fee per number of followers. They also offered likes and comments but I didn’t choose any of those. Just followers.


So what happened?

After I put in my order for the followers they started following SO quickly. I was actually really surprised to see how fast this service was at delivering. But that’s really where the service stops. You get exactly what you pay for. 1,000 accounts that are added to your following. It did not increase my engagement. My following didn’t go up after the new accounts were added and my number of likes and comments stayed the same. What I didn’t expect was what would happen to my reach after these accounts were added. It decreased by quite a bit and I found it was way harder to reach my real organic followers with all of the new fake accounts.


That’s the biggest thing I hope you take out of this post if you were thinking of buying followers yourself. I promise it isn’t worth it because you don’t get to make the real connections with real people you want. If anything, it hurts your account not being able to reach those people and posting for a bunch of fakes.

So don’t do it folks. You won’t see a payoff. You’ll only get the vanity numbers that brands can snuff out really quickly. I hope no one is upset by this little experiment. I promise I only had good intentions going in to see what really happens when you use one of those growth services. If the coin had been flipped and it was a really great service, I would tell you that too. I am currently going through and removing any of those followers from the service because they’ve only done more harm than good and I’m tired of seeing them.


I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading and let me know of any comments down below!

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