Beginner Scrunchie Sewing Tutorial

Hello friends!


Long time no talk? I know.


A lot has happened in the past year. We don’t need to get into it, we all know. During my time at home though I’ve been looking to start a new hobby. The creative juices just weren’t flowing from work and blogging alone so I found myself watching a lot of YouTube upcycling videos.I bought a sewing machine; and there is no going back now.


This past week I finally completed my first sewing project, a scrunchie.

Gorgeous isn’t she? Here are the supplies you’ll need to try it yourself.


Since I’m a beginner myself, I’m not going to tell you exactly what I did to make it. Here is the video tutorial I followed from Youtube. BUT I will tell you, this tutorial is really great and easy to follow. Hopefully I will be able to give you guys more of my own tutorial in the future.

A functional scrunchie? Ehh.

So my scrunchie works but it’s not the best one in the world. It’s more the kind of scrunchie that you sit out on display as opposed to really wear in your hair. It’s not the tutorial’s fault, I messed up on my own. As a beginner, I think what’s more helpful for you to understand is where I went wrong rather than tell you exactly what I did. There are a few mistakes I made that I want to warn you about so you don’t make the same ones.

  1. Get a fabric that’s easy to work with. I used some leftover silky fabric I had just laying around and it was fine, but kind of frayed at the ends when I cut it.
  2. Use the right size elastic. The one I used was super thicccc, like the kind you would use for sweatpants. Next time I need to use a smaller elastic so it isn’t as thick. However, I do think it looks really pretty with the fabric I chose.
  3. Sew straight. The elastic in the scrunchie I made is a little crooked on the inside.


I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! I can’t wait to see what kind of scrunchies you’ll make.

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