Stop Trying to Keep Up with Fashion Trends

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Recently I’ve seen a lot of videos discussing how fast the trend cycle has been moving. This issue has been building for awhile so if you’re unfamiliar with what I mean exactly, below are a few resources I’ve seen that do a really great job explaining it.


Stop getting influenced by influencers— find your personal style –

Micro-trends: The acceleration of fashion cycles and rise in waste –

What Is A Micro-Trend And How Can It Affect Fashion Sustainability? –


TL;DR Fashion trends are moving too fast.

Basically, with the rise of influencer marketing, everyone is wearing the same outfit. Haul videos have bencome so popular, we’re all shopping too much and buying whatever is recommened to us. It’s like you can’t even order something you like without it being “out of style” by the time is arrives. It’s tiring to constantly try and keep up with what we should be wearing according to the world of social media. So what do we do in the midst of the fast paced trends cycle? Stop trying to keep up!

Trends will always come and go. Instead of trying to figure out what’s next, I’ve decided to just focus on my personal style. It’s always way cooler in my opinion when someone has their own unique look. Taking inspiration from different sources or decades opens up so many options for new, creative outfits. What does it matter if something is “trendy” or not? If it expresses who you are and how you’re feeling in a way that makes you confident and comfortable, then you’ve got nothing to lose.

This post is meant to encourage you (and myself) to get out of the mindset of always dressing in what’s trendy, and really develop a personal style.The goal it is to have as much signature style as Fran Dresser. I hope you join me and follow along in my journey to really pinpoint personal style.

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