Welcome Welcome Welcome!

My name is Marilee and I’m so glad you stopped by to check my blog! In case you didn’t read that exactly right my name is Mar-i-lee, but for the sake of this blog and a running joke in my life you can think of me as Marlee.  I’m a 20-something year old originally from Missouri and currently living in Lubbock, Texas! I went to college at William Woods University where I got my Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Communications & my Master’s in Business Administration (yes I’m kinda smart).


I feel as though I’m in a very transitional part of life and wanted to document all the changes. In college you figure out more of who you are, and after its up to you to figure out the rest of life. I’m just sharing that experience with the world. I started this blog to share my favorite styles, brands and experiences with anyone who is willing to listen. You’ll often find links to my favorite outfit pieces and beauty products.


So Why The Local Vagrant?



“a person without a settled home or regular work who wanders from place to place”


I think it’s really important in life to take the time to notice all of the beauty around you. Whether you’re exactly where you want to be in life or if you’re working on getting there, don’t forget that wandering is part of the journey. I hope my blog inspires others to find excitement in everyday life by being confident in who you are and sharing your passions with the world. I do that by wearing cool clothes and going cool places. I hope my story inspires you to do the same.